Arquitectura es musica congelada y la Musica arquitectura intangible

I wanted to announce the recent launch of “EclectIdeas“, a new blog written in Spanish, which is a sort of extension of the Eclectic Commons‘ ideology with a definitely South American flair. It is managed and written by Davin Blu, with whom I have had several conversations already. He had been reading my blog and decided to start his own in Spanish.

I had been looking for a way to discuss Eclectic subjects with the Spanish speaking community and this new extension creates just the right starting point for such forums. I plan on posting some of Davin Blu’s essays right here on Eclectic Commons, with translation to the best of my abilities.

Recently, Davin visited Taiwan for business and returned with some interesting perceptions of the country, its people and its architecture, specially it’s splendid Taipei 101 Tower. His essay “La Gran Manzana Y Yo” (The Big Apple and Me) describes his feelings trying to adapt to his new part-time home, New York City.

I look forward to posting some his essays here and writing a few ones specially for his blog – it’ll give me a reason to improve my Spanish. I have also added an automatic Language Translator on my blog (see it at the very bottom of the right-hand column). Let’s all give Davin Blu of EclectIdeas a warm welcome as he begins his journey into blogdom. He is listed on my Blogroll.