A most “forecasting” gadget – The Thunderbolt PRO

Here it is, for the person who has everything but needs just a little bit more to get the “attention” of your object of affection in the early days of Autumn . The scenario that is hoped for is as follows:

You drive to the country to see the beauty of the autumn leaves, with its mix of bright colors. You park the car, lay the forest green cashmere quilt on the ground with edibles such as fried chicken breasts, those small, perfectly round potatoes roasted to perfection to nibble, perhaps some red wine. You think, “if only there was a late afternoon storm”, so you both get soaking wet, laughing with your paramour, as you hold hands running for cover from the heavenly droplets. An idyllic fantasy until you realize weather prediction, especially without a radio or TV weather forecast , is out of reach. There is, of course, the iPod, or your still overpriced iPhone at $399? Not Anymore. There may be something better.

The THUNDERBOLT PRO. “It’s a 75-mile range thunderstorm detector that gives the ETA of approaching storms through a flashing LED light and beeps while text messaging on its screen.” Appropriately colored red, a perfect way to get “that special” her or him wet and in the mood for mutual assimilation. It’s only $430 (comparable to the iPhone, with rebate). Its only drawback: it doesn’t vibrate and there is no indication whether it’s battery operated or comes in a “plug-and-charge” model. However, I will give it as a 2 out of 5 on my PECGR (Percepto’s Eclectic Commons Gadget Rating – see chart below). If you think it deserves another rating based on the chart, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment with your reasons for the new rating.

The PECGR scale:
5: A must for anyone who frequents the Beverly Hills, The Hamptons, Westport, or Fire Island.
4: Get it because it will make you the most popular of the Harem.
3: Give it a try, it might work when everything else fails.
2: Hey, if you like Star Trek, you will love this.
1: If you want to irritate anyone who hates Star Trek, get this immediately.
0: Definitely Do NOT get this for those addicted to “vibrations”.