Will Apple’s Ipod “Touch” You in all the Right Places?

iPod TouchThe big question being asked, as the new iPod Touch was unveiled , is whether Apple has found our collective G-Spot or not. Only your wallet and (fingers) will know for sure. It’s sleek (8mm wide), features built-in Wi-Fi networking and a multi-touch user interface which uses a slimmed-down portable version of the Safari browser for access to the internet on its wide-screen display. The interface, it claims, is perfect for Apple’s YouTube Application and the new Wi-Fi music store. The new iPod Touch features up to 22 hours of audio and 5 hours of video playback. It will be available later this month in 8GB for $299, and 16GB for $399.

I was at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in New York City street today (see photos). The street was packed with people waiting for the announcement with the pomp and pageantry with which Apple makes all its announcements. This latest addition to its repertoire of products indicates that apple is moving into the “multi-touch” adaptations as if it were a new concept. However, it strikes an uncanny resemblance to the multi touch panels of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek The Next Generation, over 20 years ago. The iPod and iPhone look so much alike (egads, twins!), I wonder how I (and other owners and even thieves ) will be able to tell them apart. The interfaces of each “beg to be touched” so much so that Webster’s Dictionary will have to create a new term for it.

The question that arises is, how convenient should modern technology make our lives easy, as it continues in its evolutionary path towards the brain implant where a direct thought will control the computer, iPod, iPhone, microwave oven and the toaster. At least then, with the absence of “touch tone”, we won’t be leaving finger prints to incriminate us or growing hair on our palm pilots.

Below are two pictures taken today inside the Apple Store in New York, just a few minutes after the big announcement. More pictures can be found by clicking here.

Apple Store Apple Store

Author’s addendum (09/07/07): Now that iPhone owners are crying foul over Apple’s price cut, perhaps the company could make amends, set the right “tone” by giving each a free iPod. Then owners would feel they have been “touched” by two instead of just one, especially since they won’t be able to tell them apart.