Whatever Happened to Baby Spears? Britney’s flopback at the VMA’s

o-britney-spears-vmas-2001-facebookAs Britney Spears “stink” bomb filled the air at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas, one can only ask what happened to this music star who appeared so promising several years ago?

In an article reported in The Associated Press, Ms. Spears’ performance of “Gimme More” was simply “out-of-sync lip-syncing. Unenthusiastic, lethargic movements that seemed choreographed by a dance instructor for a nursing home. The paunch in place of Spears’ once taut belly. At times, she just stopped singing, as if even she knew nothing could save her performance.”

With her new album due out soon, it was hoped that a good performance would have helped her by increasing enthusiasm and expectancy for its release on Nov 13th by Jive Records. However it became clear that this was just another illustration on a long list of recent events that shows “her decline and fall from grace in the full view of the public. It definitely could have been a lot better. She seemed nervous and you could tell by the expression of her face. Instead of just blocking everybody out and doing her thing, she was thinking about it”, according to the hit-making singer and producer Akon, who commented after the performance.

bspearsSpears, born in McComb Mississippi on Dec 2nd, 1981, has sold seventy-six million albums world-wide according to Time Magazine. At age 11, she became one of Disney’s Mousketeers in the latest incarnation of the Fifties show. Best known for “One More Time”, “Oops…. I did it again”, “I’m a slave for you”, and “Toxic” for which she won a Grammy in 1999. Her career was put on hold since her marriage to Kevin Federline who she divorced last year and is currently in a messy court battle for custody of their two sons.

Ms. Spears has been exhibiting bizarre behavior, cutting off all her hair, numerous confrontations with the press and recent allegations by Federline’s lawyer of being “an unfit mother”. Perhaps both her and Mr. Federline should read On Being A Good Parent. “If having kids is your personal mark, then it’s also the responsibility of parents to make sure that the mark they do leave behind is a good one. Because that mark will always reflect who they have been parented by. It is the personal responsibility of parents to be parents and not transfer the responsibility onto someone else or some other person or institution. Children should grow up well because of their parents, rather than in spite of their parents.”

1356560178_kevin-federline-britney-spears-lgSince her marriage, her life seems chaotic, while her career has nose-dived in what appears an out-of-control “psychological tailspin” without signs of recuperation. Her fall reminds me of that 1962 vintage film “Whatever happened to Baby Jane”. Perhaps Ms. Spears needs more practice and good sleep before her performances and maybe show a little more enthusiasm onstage. Otherwise she may find herself “cut” and pasted onto the history of fleeting stars, now dimmed.

Regardless of her personal problems, we all hope she finds her way back. Perhaps it’s time for her to seek Psychological Assistance.



* Addendum (09/12/07): just as with every story, there are two sides to this issue and a lot of die-hard “fans” see Britney’s performance as just another example of someone crying for help: Gimme More!