Sacred Fortune Cookie Wisdom Revealed


Developing a humorous demeanor for “life discerns” are demanding, defines depth, with delineated dimensions dependent on divergent distinctions, durably dwelling within, and still never fully intuit.

It’s difficult to distinctly determine any definitive doctrine inherently defined within Fortune Cookie declarations. Decidedly, discreet and deceptively dubious, it’s difficult to detect or differentiate the definitive differences from them that the demands of the day distill as a result of our “draggling.” But who ever is driven to denote, when the delicately displaced dividend of diligent deliberations with oneself is decided, must in any dedicated attempt, designate a deed de-notable from those often “delusion-ally direct” displays of dictum, which require dexterity and discrimination with concurrently determined deductions, rather then deriding. They (fortune cookie wisdom) are often disguised, with deceptively diminished derivations, dwarfed when discern-able and drawn out comparisons with “disordered” directions or dissuasion’s confuse us.

In Toto, the ultimate decision whether those dictum’s are do-able, or not is the distinct duty of each person to dispassionately diagnose and decree, as desired (but also to determine if deserved), not withstanding it’s dubiousness, by developing the discernible eye from the deceptively distinct “cookie” doctrine, which appears decoratively dogmatic at first determined glance.

It is possible, however, for someone to decide their near “desolate” life is to discern, detect and subsequently dribble if one is to “drink” from the dilatation of Life’s draught as one drifts through the self determined driving, (but displaced) days that make us so distinctively different and decidedly detached.

It is here that the Fortune Cookie Wisdom can be most useful.