On Technology and Imperialism

Oil Wars - Episode 1Although technology has been of great benefit to the world, how the effects have played out are varied depending on what part of the globe you’re referring to. If the American Indians had developed guns before the Europeans, the face of North America would be very different.

Countries that have developed more advanced technology first, are the ones that have dominated on the world scene. Whether you’re talking about the development of the slave trade to the more sea-faring ships in Great Britain and Spain, imperialism has been the direct result of this aggressive technology.

Today, the world is vastly different because most areas of the world have also benefited from the technology that created the imbalance which made past imperialistic endeavors possible. In the early Twentieth Century, vast areas of Africa were still uncharted jungle. Today, we see modern cities with transportation and communication as common as is in the Northern Hemisphere.

Unfortunately, the technological advancements that allowed imperialism to develop also led to racial, ethnic and cultural discrimination towards those societies that have been conquered by more “technologically advanced” countries, most notably the Europeans and Americans.

Cultural ImperialismNow, when other countries are beginning to develop atomic energy, the ultimate in technological equality, those same imperialistic countries are trying to control the balance of power by intervening and preventing these nations from leveling the playing field. To their dismay, it’s not working. More countries are beginning to work on atomic energy which is creating an unstable world that threatens it’s existence by allowing fringe groups and fanatical religious and political sects the access to experiment with atomic energy (that threaten to result in the explosion of the world into a mess.)

How did we get here? It seems to have started centuries ago, by the technological advancements that initially created an imbalance which has influenced the attitudes the imperialistic cultures developed towards those less technologically advanced. This is a perfect example of what one could call group or national KARMA. These countries are now experiencing some of the effects that they set into motion by this historical imperialism and its cultural judgments, while information accessible on the internet has accelerated this process.

This is how KARMA can work on a national level, which will be the subject of a separate essay.