Who Was Contessa Llwaxanna Loveless Von Bralispth?

stubenboorg-book.jpgI have received numerous emails asking me who this woman was. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea. A Google search had no information on her, so I went to the Forty-Second Street Library, in NYC, the rare books collection, and was astonished to find her life and times chronicled in a little known book “Notable Movers and Shakers Of Midevil Times”, by Viscount Erasmas-Haul Von Stubbenboorg. Written in the Eighteenth Century in Stockholm, Sweden, by a little known Philologist who specialized in Mid-Evil European history, specializing in Prussia and the surrounding area. His extensive research led me to the conclusion that the life of this remarkable woman needed to be revealed to the world.

I decided at that time to write a series of articles on her life and times. The first has been prepared for posting on October 4th of this year and will be followed up by a series of papers on her extraordinary career and impact on European and World history. I felt it necessary to prepare this in great detail over time so that her life is accurately and objectively portrayed. It is my hope that by the end of this year, her place in history will be secure as one of the ten most remarkable women in Europe.

It is astounding to me that I could find nothing on Google about her. In this age of technological advancement, I had to resort to books as my source material.

Who was this woman of note that so little is known about? What was her true impact on the culture she was born into? What has been her effect on modern society? Only time will tell how the information forthcoming will rank her as one of histories greatest movers and shakers.