Paper, Plastic Or Rubber(s)? Let’s Do Melmac

Melmac v1Which of the following answer(s) is/are true?


a) The name of Mork’s home planet.

b) The nickname for director, “master d’humor”, Mel Brooks.

c) Those really tacky cheap, reusable plates sold at the supermarkets for $1.

d) Camlem spelled backwards.

e) One of Horcruxes’ “penetrated” by a fragment of Lord Voldermort’s soul.

f) Ron Weasly, looking toward Hermione and asking in a cockn’y accent: “What t’ang did ya say?”, grinning at Harry.

g) Hermione’s response, “Ron Weasly, for your information, Melmac is mentioned as one of the main ingredients in the first edition of “Love Potions For All Ages, A User’s Guide For Inducing Prolific Lust In The Obnoxious And Hopelessly Inept by the late Contessa Llwaxanna Loveless Von Bralispth, from the province of Moldavia, in 1619 .”

h) Ron to Hermione, ” Hey, I got a bone to add to the ingredients.”

i) Hermione responding, “Where?, I’ve never seen any in your bag of tricks.”

j) Harry, smiling at Hermione, “Well, it’s awfully small. Let’s go to Belladonna Tooks Apothacary of Magical Thangs to get an enchanted magnifying glass to see it.”

k) Hermione, (thinking out loud), “Hmm, It is true that the small size of Ron’s bone shouldn’t affect the outcome of the spell.” It’s all in its potency.

l) Ron adding, “Ye’ah, but ya also gotta know how to ‘andle it.”

m) Hermione to Ron, “And the right time to whip it out and dip it into the burning cauldron to get the maximum potency.”

Melmac 2n) Harry adding, “Ron, here is my cloak of invisibility. Go through the back entrance of Tooks Apothocary, so none of the death-eaters sees you and attacks you from behind.”

o) Ron responding, ” ‘arry, why you always concerned bout getting attacked from be’ ind?”

p) Harry, looking quite defensive from the tone of Ron’s voice, “Ron, you know I don’t like getting lick’d, specially from behind.”

q) “Yeah, I know arry, but you’ve already lick’d enough of those death-eaters to know ya can beat em.”

r) Hermione adding, “You are a very powerful wizard Harry, who knows how to lick’em , when they attack from any direction.”

s) Ron, sticking his hand in his pockets, ” ‘ey, I got a really big frog ‘ere, either of you want a piece?”

t) Hermione whispering to Harry, “Be careful of Ron’s frogs, they could be spiked, or possibly one of the Horcruxes that Voltermort penetrated with his soul.”

u) Harry sighing, “I wish Dumbledore were here.”

v) Hermione adding, “Harry Potter, I have confidence in you, even if you haven’t learned how to fully handle your wand yet.”

w) Ron aloud, “Yeah, and Dumbledore taught ya everything ya know. ‘e’s been licking evil wizards since ‘e was a kid.”

x) Harry added, “Even though he taught me everything I know, there are a few tricks of his I haven’t done yet.”

y) Hermione to Harry, “I wish you would introduce Ron to some of those tricks. He is so juvenile when it comes to using his magic to tongue the right incantations.”

z) Harry responded, “Maybe he can practice by entering the next wizards’ tournament, and I can watch what he does especially when he sucks, then show him how I lick the enemy when they attack.”

zz) ” ‘arry?”, said Ron, “Did you ever consider becoming the next ‘eadmaster of ‘ogwarts?”

Melmac 5