On Physics

Physics - E = MC2

Considering the fact that I never took Physics in high school or college, I still feel compelled to write something about it. I took Calculus; I know about projectiles and quadratic equations, but that is such a small part of Physics. So I’m left to consider writing about a subject I know nothing about, and yet is there something, anything I can say about it? I know that Physics is about relationships between Energy, Time, Gravity, Space, Weight, Mass, Propulsion, Force, Inertia, etc. Other than that I have no clue.

Do the Laws of Physics (whatever they are) that apply here on Earth or wherever Physicists say they occur, happen in the same way in other parts of the galaxy, cosmos, or universe? Can we make the assumption that Physical Laws apply everywhere equally?

If we assume that they do, then we can make reasonable scientific hypothesis about distant parts of the universe without having to physically observe them. That would also mean that what occurs here can occur there. Do we have the right to draw this conclusion ?

Even in the remote possibility that gravity, weight, mass, propulsion, force, inertia, and all those other elements that physics concerns itself with is different in other parts of the universe, can we make any assumptions about what exists in other parts of the galaxy using what we know here?

EinsteinWe do know the Physics that occur on Earth exist the way they do because our gravity and forces are effected by our biosphere, visa versa, and the things that affect it. We know that other planets in our solar system have different gravities, mass/force relationships because of their rotation on their axis, distance from the sun, gravity, and other special characteristics which we take into consideration. We can say things about physics that apply there because we can measure the effects from earth. This allows us to use our physics in the immediately observable solar system and beyond.

In other parts of the galaxy, we have no clue what exists. We don’t have any idea what kinds of forces are at work that may or may not be similar to what occurs here. We can’t be sure that formulas we use to calculate our physical reality are even applicable to other parts of the galaxy. The best we can do is extrapolate based on what we know.

So, I’m left to conclude that Physicists know as much about the physics of other parts of the galaxy as I know about the physics of this reality, and that it is also possible for me to find something to say about a subject I know nothing about, and at least appear to know something about it.