On Left Upper-Cut Responsibility – A Juanita Bynum Update

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, in its article today, Bishop Weeks took the pulpit two days after his surrender to authorities in connection with the alleged attack on Bynum (see previous post for background information). His remarks included appreciation for the prayers and support that he said have come in for him and his wife and thanks to those in attendance in spite of the controversy. Weeks, wearing a dark suit and his customary bow tie, blamed “the devil” for the accusation that has him facing two felony charges.

Is he saying “the devil made him do it” or is he simply suggesting that Byrnum is the devil and it’s her fault that these charges have been brought against him? Now doesn’t that sound like something Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock might say in a Saturday Night Live comedy skit?

bishopweeks1.jpgWe are all responsible for our own behavior, and how we conduct ourselves in life. It’s time to stop finding excuses or blaming the devil for things that we should be accountable for. Although everyone is human, and we all make mistakes, it’s unbecoming of a man of God to blame “the devil” for his misconduct any more than it is for a man like Michael Vick to now claim that “I have found God”.

God isn’t something you find. He is with you at all times, even when one’s actions reflect a lack of His presence. If this excuse stands, which is often used by those who are in prison and claim redemption, perhaps one never understood what having God truly meant in the first place.

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