On Getting Older

I used to think that getting older meant getting wiser. How easy it is to delude oneself into thinking that more years means more experience, and better choices. The truth is that getting older only means that I have been here longer than those who are younger.

It is so easy to view aging as an opportunity for understanding the complexities of life better, yet it simply reveals the folly of that notion. If I were wiser now than I was when I was younger, wouldn’t I have actually found the answers to more of the problems I have now? Or is it more likely that more time has simply shown my failure to find those answers and led me to accept that I have failed to cut the puppet strings that extend from my childhood? Those puppet strings, Ah that’s the rub.

Getting Old

I have come to the conclusion that getting older only provides the chance to resolve issues that led me down the path I now find myself. It may give me greater opportunity to succeed, but it also gives me a greater likelihood to fail in solving those repetitive patterns that plague me as I continue to approach my inevitable conclusion.

Getting OlderI hope that for some, the process of getting older does take us through the maze we call life. A path that leads through the insurrections of our self-created obstacles. A way that takes us beyond the veil of our delusions to a place where insights truly flourish. How good it would be to finally see the light we were meant to see and dispel the darkness of doubt and self deceit that is one of our most human but destructive traits.

Life itself molds our character. It defines the strength we have to struggle and the heroism or lack of it to overcome those obstacles that ultimately define our character.

We are not who we are without obstacles and when we cry over the misfortunes that life has thrown us, we should remember one thing: By the obstacles we grow and without them we go nowhere.