WWE in Pink Panties vs Wonder Woman

As I get bored with the infinite channels that cable TV affords, I have become a hopeless “flipper”. Sitting in front of the TV, eyes open in almost mindless stupor, as my finger presses the button to surf up and down the channel lineup. Having approximately 900+ of them, I can go for the whole day, from one to the other, never reaching the end.

Wonder WomanOf course The Justice League Unlimited is quite an eye catcher, especially Wonder Woman in her “American” inspired star panties and lasso, invisible plane and being the true “warrior princess” of Paradise Island, captivating the audience with her wrist cuffs and Xena-like breast plate made from spandex, battling off the onslaught of evil doers, doing their heinous deeds against society.

I wonder how Wonder Women would fare as a WWE Champion, sparring against some of those loquacious, big-talking self acclaimed “Pumped Up Steroid World Wrestling Hunks” as they spew their vitriolic banter at their opponents on TV, as their jugular veins distend. She would say, “You big oafs, you can’t beat a real champion when you see one. Hah, I can beat Flash, Green Arrow, Batman with my itsy bitsy pinky finger, and my yellow lasso (of truth), would even capture Green Lantern. If I had some green kryptonite (hidden somewhere in my breast plate), I could even beat Superman.”

Better yet, let’s have a dress code. When the WWE does battle against Wonder Woman, they should be forced to wear pink panties as a sign of a level playing field. We could have them with purple colored stars to cover certain strategic areas that will go unmentioned. Let’s see how those big talking brainless muscle bound show offs, afflicted by verbal diarrhea, do against her. Especially as the audience watching the ring yells, “Crush, Kill, Destroy”, that ever so memorable cry from the Robot of Lost In Space, as it rolls down some barren planet to save the true “Queen From Outer Space“, Dr. Smith.

Mr AssTorrie WilsonMan in bikini

Now do you see what sitting in front of a TV with a flipper in a semi hypnotic voyeuristic state does to someone’s “eclectic” mind in today’s modern technological society. Flip, Flip, Flip. Turns the brain into hopeless mush.