On Two Different Musicians

I wish that I had a greater appreciation for music. Two of my best friends have made it their life’s work.

The incomparable The Undah-Dub, a cool guy with a melodic voice that has a musical rhythm all his own, that betrays the inner essence of a DJ. He has the understanding of the “Music Of The Spheres”, a tonal quality that’s rare even among musicians. His ability to mix creates its own world which can immerse one in an alternate reality of physicality mixed with cosmic tonality. A prismatic sense of how to create a new sound that is both hypnotic as well dynamic. When I listen to his work, it’s like the pied-piper doing his best to gather those around him in a symphony of harmonic rhythms. Identity CrisisThe sound of the city, the feel of universality and the enthusiasm of a master artist at work, investing his vibrations into every single note, with passion and self-reflection. The sweat of a creative soul putting his heart into everything he envisions, poetically.

The other, CJ Burken, is a creative genius with a musical sense to his designs. He has a knack for finding the musicality within structure. Creating fluidity in unique form with a landscape all its own. He is able to take things that don’t look congruent and give them a harmony that radiates unity, purpose, acceptance and insight. He finds the similarity in designs and puts them together, creating its own innate language, and by so doing, is an architect of transmitting the intangible music into form, giving it life and purpose. Totally fearless even if putting obtuse concepts together to create things that remind me of a Picasso in his cubanistic period; using abstractions and exaggerated form, to create an epiphany into reality. Always respectful of incorporating the work he does with the energy not only of himself but who it’s being envisioned for.

Hmmm, now that I think about all this, where did I ever get the idea I never understood music?

And a very special Happy Birthday to CJ, today, July 23.

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