Lindsay Lohan, Celebrity, Abuse

Lindsay Lohan - the parent trapThe details of Lindsay Dee Lohan’s problems with the law are far less important than how this talented actress, who first came to the public attention as a child star of the Disney remake “The Parent Trap“, developed her drug problem and how celebrity impacted on it. Assuming this perspective, no one is excusing her behavior as much as attempting to understand how the girl that played Annie/Halley Parker progressed into the troubled young woman she is today.

Anyone who has been in a close relationship with someone involved with drugs, especially a parent , has strong sentiments about this subject. A lot of those feelings is the self-doubt created when we ask ourselves: “Why wasn’t I strong enough or loving enough to have an impact and find a way to help them?” which leads to “Why was I not able to get them to stop?”

Lindsay Lohan - out in carLooking at Lindsay Lohan’s problems play out in the public eye is a constant and painful reminder that many identify with. It is also a source of anger and guilt, for her not letting them “help enough” or “trusting them enough” to get her to stop the self-destructive behavior. The distance and alienation from the family and those they love add to the sense of powerless-ness. All are components that are familiar in co-dependent relationships.

If we put aside those feelings (no matter how difficult they are) and recognize that criticism is judgment, perhaps we can use this as the starting point for really helping her and all the other people who are not celebrities but also have drug dependency issues.

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