An Empty Space – A Poem


A room of unknown purpose
Lamenting to be perceived
Empty, with potential,
Reflected memory,
And needs long past.
Walls, with imprints of prior happenings
Recessed openings, arched windows
Revealing skyline, the urban landscape.
Towers of reflected sunlight
Gleaming in the morning sky
As apparitions, lights first glimmer
A ballet, on canvas floor
Revealed, multicolored, in poignant simplicity
Exposed anew, life’s hope.
An abode for absent phantasies
Obscured, within a maze of congestion.
An empty room’s purpose,
Presently unfulfilled.

* painting featured on this post by Drew Knapp /

note from author:
The painting was done in 1971 and represents the 4th floor hallway of the Cooper Union at St Marc’s Place (view facing south towards The World Trade Center.
That hallway, with those venerable, time worn, dusty and sun-drenched wooden floors is now history, as the entire building was gutted and re-built in 1972 – 74.
Fortunately the windows are still there but the interior space and perspective is completely different.