Past, Present, Future – A Poem

Past, Present, Future - imageThe things I thought,
I think no more.
I wonder where they went before,
A place not here, nor there, no more
I wonder who I thought them for.

It used to give me quite a sting,
A laugh, a cry, of glancing things
If I should think them once again,
I hope they bring me back again.

I don’t know where I am today,
I thought I might be quite OK
But as I think, and wonder why,
I feel my life has passed me by.

If I ever find out, where I am,
I hope it’s where I hope I can,
A place I wanted me to be,
For that’s the point of what’s to be.

The future is a funny thing
It always gives me quite a zing
To think of things that haven’t come
And hope for things that can be undone