On The Aura

The aura usually refers to the energy emanations that some people see around others. These emanations can indicate a number of things that, if understood, could be of great help. They can indicate illness, mood, level of development, past lives and in some cases, even Karma.

Full AuraSome people are able to see the outline; some, the colors and radiance; others see symbols. The person who has that ability and uses it wisely, understands that the sight of a person’s aura is a gift only revealed in cases where it could be of some help to the person.

If an aura is weak or there seems to be a chink or a hole then illness or disease is a strong possibility. If this information is used to help them get to a doctor, diagnosed and treated, then this gift is used in the manner it was intended.

A chink, or changing of the color at a particular location of the body, could be related to some disease of a particular organ system such as lungs, heart or the brain, perhaps a mental imbalance. Even a person’s moods can be seen through their aura: calmness or excitability. Colors could also reveal gifts or qualities that a person has, perhaps as a healer, a leader. Then it could be used to help them tap into that energy and develop it as an expression of their current natural talent.

Some people can see indications or imprints of past lifetimes as symbols in the aura which possibly suggest past lives such as ancient Egypt, Greece or Mesopotamia. It could also indicate a level of spiritual development that one has attained in that lifetime.

Regardless of what one sees in another person’s aura, the ability of the person seeing it needs to have a purpose. It must be used in some way to help the person or at least understand them and give them more information in how to deal with some of the characteristics they may indicate. Otherwise, the gift is misused, and can act more as a curse.