On Energy and Matter

Energy and Matter - planet on fireI have often thought of Energy and Matter in a similar way as Thoughts and Actions; As thoughts are to actions, on some other plane intersecting the one of cause and effect, so Energy is analogous to Matter.

If Matter can be broken down to Energy, is it possible to create Matter from Energy? Could this be creation? Or would it be just refocusing the Energy into an image of some specific form and then, by some unknown process, eventuate the Energy into matter.

Although these kinds of questions are usually left to physicists, theologians and perhaps mystics, I have always thought of these kinds of questions as valid. Perhaps there is no answer and the time expended on these kinds of subjects is nothing more than a futile excercise.

If Energy and Matter are important to both Physicists and, in the Creationistic sense, to Theologians then maybe this can be a bridge between Science and Religion.

Whenever I think of the Energy/Matter issue, I always come back to the illustration of converting gas to liquid then to solid such as water vapor to water to ice, by slowing down the vibratory rate of the molecules. Eventhough water vapor is matter as well, it seems easier to form some kind of mental image of what might happen if Energy would somehow be crystallized into Matter (of any form). If Energy is just seen as a different state or gradation of Matter, what would it take to transmute the Energy into a specific form?

The proponents of Intellegent Design would probably say that in order to do this, there needs to be a directed intelligence of some kind and even though I may agree with that up to a point, I still would argue the notion that it could only be done by a supreme intelligence. Perhaps it’s not possible now for anyone to do this, but in future, it may be.

Artists create by beginning with an idea. Then they find a way to translate that idea into Form by using a particular medium. If Energy were simply viewed as just another medium, why would it be out of reach for someone who has learned through some evolution of their consciousness, to use that medium to create physical form? This isn’t to confuse physical form with “life”. It’s just a way of using the Energy to crystallize their idea into something concrete.

If our perceptions and our abilities are dependent on the boundaries of our five senses and if those boundries were to change, perhaps we could even see Energy which may now be invisible to us. Then our whole concept of what is Matter and what is Energy would change. We are so used to viewing something we can see, touch, taste, hear or feel as more concrete than those things we can’t, it would then certainly force us to redefine many things.

Energy and Matter - Magnetic Field