Fractured Memories Of A Nightmare – a poem

At dawn, heart pounding,
Dreaming of uneasy visions
Perhaps my last dance,
Fates’ final discernment.

Numb, unable to move, conscious, but still,
Neither awake nor asleep,
As I hear a sound of my destiny,
Liberating my space
Hands, holding my center, motionless,
As I watch this nightmare unfold,
A place so bleak and helpless,
And without control.

I see visions of light and darkness,
Indistinct images of things long past
Lips moving without sound,
Suggested glances, blinding forms
Gazing intently, as I watch.

What will become of me,
In this place of uncertainty,
My ethereal journey
Where the future of my present, lays?

I feel the pull, back
The heaviness of weight, restored
As I fall, again, towards the ground,
Into myself, senses reabsorbed
To BE again, in the beating moments,
As I awake, groggy, in pain,
Breathing, once again.