Dreaming Of Tree’s – a poem

Dreaming of Trees

In a dream, of simple things,
A part of the earth, its growth, a tree
A thing to wonder, and let myself be,
A home for birds, to fly and be carefree
Fertile, rich and one of nature’s gifts,
Old yet young for all too see
Elm, Oak, Maple or Willow standing free.

While the leaves on my branches rustle in the wind,
As roots dig deep, in my brains winding slumber
Rising firmly, yet bending in my mind’s eye,
Part of my dream-scape of visions running by
Reaching deep in my nights subconscious thought,
As descending birds land, on my top branches, perched
Their young chirping wildly, to be fed and nurtured,
In my scheme, of nature’s nestling fortune
Earthly bound, as part of the ground,
A place so solid, to exist and resound
As my prancing mind runs so free,
As I sleep, dreaming of forests so green.