Destiny’s Prism – a poem

A prism, on my window sill
Reflecting the light of ideas’ intent
Fractured insights, incomplete thoughts
For me, puzzling, piercing, ever thinking
As a dove flies past my eyes inner vision
My mind’s path, of revealing knowledge, a symbol,
Of lights’ tranquility, peace and solemnity’s essence
A heart revealed, a hope for balance.

My thoughts ever changing, a kaleidoscope, through time,
Visually prismatic, energetically searching, searching
Surreal colors of irony’s folly, destiny’s play, my mortal coil
In my mind, blending, experience driven
Of joy, sorrow, comedy and drama
Shakespeare’s play,
Human nature, inner motives.

Hope for tomorrow,
Time’s part, as destiny’s brother
Ever present, evolving, changing,
My spiral defined,
As I move, closer, through my thoughts,
Living life, my kaleidoscope of lessons,
Through the prism of my own creation.