On The Ability To Discern Between Good And Evil

Square - off whiteSquare - white

When considering the conditions of human nature, the issue of the ability to discern good and evil inevitably arises. We have been taught (by religion) that things are divided pretty much between the two and yet in real life, the demarcation line between them is more commonly… vague.

Imagine for example, going first into a room that we think is white, then going into a second room that is really white (the first room was off -white, while the second room was pure white). The difference between good and evil can be that subtle.

The two qualities that affect our alertness to telling the difference between good and evil lie not in overt appearances but in the following:
1- in our ability to discriminate a truth from a falsehood, and
2- our ability to discern where the motives lie.

More on good and evil later.