On Leadership

Leadership WorksLeaders come in different types but I have often wondered what they have in common that draws people’s attention. Could it be some kind of intangible natural or mystical energy? An invisible power perhaps? As I have encountered such leaders, I have paid very close attention by observing how they conduct themselves with others. I have also noticed that it’s not only what they intrinsically have within their nature that defines their leadership qualities but also the values they cherish, how they communicate those ideals to others, how people who surround them assimilate and incorporate them into their own lives.

Leadership PollLeadership is not about power, position or control. A true leader doesn’t need to tell and then explain to people what to do but understands the implicit magnetic energy that pulls the highest and best qualities out of people in a way that solidifies their purpose to accomplish things that might not be possible without all those involved. It is something that is related to higher actions and intangible motives. Leaders inspire with respect and set the example by harmonizing those around them to do their very best in whatever task is at hand, by focusing the energy that strengthens enthusiasm for a common goal. By recognizing the best qualities that define each person and acknowledging that everyone has leadership potential, the leader encourages these qualities to develop in their own right within all those who surround him/her. Leaders know instinctively that the process of inspiration is not forced but is most effective by clearly articulating a common goal and helping each person find their unique talents that will contribute and reinforce their personal connection to that higher, nobler goal, that may have not been reached on an individual level.

The idea that a leader leads by example rather than by power or force is not a new concept. It’s one that is also related to how a teacher can best teach his students. It makes far more sense to motivate someone to learn then by forcing them to study something they aren’t interested in. The problem is that when dealing with groups of people, each person comes to the group with different and various motivational levels. The task of the teacher then boils down to identifying that level of motivation for each student in order to touch them all at the same time.

A leader tends to have an instinctive ability to find the task that may resonate with each person and that’s the very quality that makes them so rare. They act as catalysts, which cause a “chemical” reaction to explode into enthusiasm with even the most blase of people and light a fire that cannot be extinguished easily by discouragement or disappointment. They know that the best insights any person can realize are the ones that Leadership Modelthey make on their own through a process of self-exploration that is only possible by having “seeds” planted by others who are there to assist them in uncovering that new insight. This emboldens them to think and problem-solve in new and varied forms and to take risks.

Although true leaders are rare, leadership qualities exist in all of us and it’s part of the responsibility of the leader to remind us of that fact and encourage us to develop those qualities primarily because it is in all our destinies to lead.