On Kandor, The Lost City of Krypton

Kandor - The Lost city of Krypton

One of my greatest fantasies as a child was about KANDOR, the lost city of kRYPTON. How I wished to have my very own bottled city, populated with itty bitty people with buildings, set in a landscape encased in a bottle where I controlled everything about their lives. I could even declare myself King, issue passports, declare edits over the course of my tenure as Monarch and supreme ruler, create money (with my face on it), or threaten to turn on the water faucet over the opening of the glass encased city, if the inhabitants failed to follow my commandments. What a wonderful control fantasy it was.

Kandor was the capital city of Krypton that was shrunk (using a shrinking ray) by Brainiac, that green-skinned alien who turned out to be a robot, who constantly battled Superman over the years. Brainiac went from planet to planet using his shrinking ray to encapsulate cities of various worlds for some unknown purpose, until defeated by the Man Of Steel, who saved Kandor and carefully protected it in Superman’s FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, somewhere in the frozen Artic.

Braniac and Kandor - The Lost City of KryptonSuperman would regulate the atmosphere of Kandor to ensure that it was similar to that of Krypton, even recreating a red sun, so that the population would continue life as ordinary, non- super powered beings. Some times, Superman would use a shrinking ray on himself to enter the bottled city and have adventures with Jimmy Olsen as Nightwing and Flamebird, Kandor’s version of Batman and Robin. But he only had a limited amount of growth ray elements which prevented him from enlarging the whole city. What a dilemma for the Man of Steel.

How I would voraciously read the adventures of the bottled city, until one day, I went to my closet filled with my box of the treasured collection of DC comics and discovered in horror, that my mother threw them all out. OH NOOOOOO…