On George W. Bush

George W BushThere has never been any president that I can recall (in memory or in history), that has exhibited the level of sheer incompetence than George W. Bush, our 43rd president. His ability to lead is so lacking that I hesitate to even consider him a legitimate leader. Any imbecile with an IQ of 30 would have done a better job at being President of the US.

He has been so inept that he even lacked the intelligence to use the one resource at his disposal for advice, namely his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, our 41st president. One would think that having a seasoned diplomat, former head of the CIA, former vice-president and president, as your own father, that it would make common sense to go to him for advice. However George W. has been quoted in interviews when asked about that, as preferring to consult “a higher authority”. He sounds more like an add-man for the Hebrew National Kosher Franks, who like Mr. Bush, also claim to answer to a higher authority.

He has effectively squandered Bill Clinton’s economic surplus, engineered and mismanaged an illegal war in Iraq and has been the very first president to invade a foreign country before we were attacked thus setting a precedent and subverting American foreign policy that would make any of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, turn in their graves. He is reviled abroad by most foreigners and privately disliked intensely by most foreign leaders.

His protection of private industries at the expense of the American public and the environment is so glaring and callous that I wonder what justification the religious right, who were responsible for his election the second time, had for voting for him. It seems that for them, Bush’s position on abortion is more important and overriding than any other issue.

His stand on stem cell research has astounded medical researchers throughout this country as equivalent to mid-evil counter evolutionary reaction-ism, while his restrictions on elderly Americans’ ability to purchase cheaper pharmaceuticals from Canada, due to the fact that they have not been proven “safe” for the American consumer, clear protectionism to American pharmaceutical companies and propaganda aimed at keeping prices high, an insult to medical care in Canada. He has also turned the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agencies into ineffectual, impotent organizations that are nothing more than political arms of his virulently destructive administration.

His perverted tax laws have effectively run the risk of destroying the middle class by giving back so much money to the rich (and justifying it), that it will take years to deal with the deficits he has created in the economy.

His position on Global warming is incomprehensible and he claims that since countries like China won’t be participating in curtailing industries to control global warming that there is no point for the United States to do so. This despite the fact that the U.S. contributes over one fourth of the emissions that causes global warming with only 5 percent of the world’s population.

He and the republicans have done nothing to deal with the Social Security mess or the Health Care crisis in America. The level of mismanagement of his administration is astounding and we have almost two years of this destructive incompetence left. These are just a few justifications for impeaching and convicting George W Bush from office. The problem with that is, if he were convicted, Cheney would become president. He is just as negligent as Bush and much craftier.

Mr. Bush has been not only a dismal failure as president and as a republican , but also has acted as a destructive force that should be remembered rather than lost to obscurity within the pages of American History.

I was absolutely delighted when the Democrats took control of the House and the Senate. I hope they have better sense than the delinquent Republicans who controlled the Government so callously. Many of them deserved what they got by being ousted from office.

Now it’s time for a Democrat to occupy the white house, as well as control the senate and house of representatives. It is also time for the American electorate to seriously consider putting a woman or an Afro-American in the white house.