Kevin – a poem

Black Panther - Kevin poem
He Walks With The Swag Of A Confident Man,
One With The Step Of A Kool Cat Dude.
He Looks To One Side Then The Other, With Ease,
Sniffing The Scent Of The Wind As It Moves.
Like A Panther, On The Prowl For His Next Prey,
Caring Nothing That Others Look To Him And Pray,
To Get His Notice, His eye, His Heat,
Notice Me, They Think, As He Passes The Frey,
Knowing They Notice, He Flinches And Belches.
Well I’m A Confident Man, He Thinks,
I’m The Kool Cat Dude, I Do What I Want, I Do What I Please.
I Pick Who I Want, Cause I Want Who I Pick, If You Please,
Cause I’m The Cat, The Kool Cat Dude, Who Everyone Sees,
Who Everyone Wants And Says, Please Notice Me.
But He Wants Who He Wants, The Ones You’d Least Expect,
Cause He Senses The Heart Of The One He Picks,
Caring Nothing Of The Yearns, And The Calls For His Heat,
Cause He Is The One, The Kool Cat Dude,
The One With The Heart Of Gold.

This poem, the first I ever wrote, was meant as a birthday gift to someone who has become in the short span of 1 year, one of my closest friends. He taught me that I had abilities I never considered. An inspiration, a catalyst, my muse that brought my vision of a resurrected life
to the forefront.
For Kevin, on his birthday, February 22.