Clouds On My Mind – a poem

As I look at the clouds as they move in the sky
Forming flowers, and cartwheels and horses in their stride
Moving so fast as the wind blows them by.
As I lay on the ground looking up,
While my thoughts, fly so high

Clouds on my mind.
I often think of what my feeling would be
If I was a cloud and could be what I see
A mountain, a rock, a tree moving free
A fire chief, soldier, a doctor, or even a bee
No restriction at all, to put limits on me,
From going higher and higher,
To find my true desire,
A child’s fantasy running so free,
To be what I want and to want what I see

How often I forget the memories I had
As a child who looked at life,
through the eyes of a lad
As pure and simple I feel I could be,
If I remembered those things that made life
Feel so free.