Memories of Gefilta Fish and Chopped Liver

My WORST FOOD in the whole world is none other than that Yiddish staple, Gefilta Fish. A round ball, ground-up mix of carp, whiting and other unknown occupants of the oceanic kingdom of “questionable origins”, mixed in this clear gelatinous goo that looked so much like oozing nasal mucous, still ripe and just now dripping from someone’s infected nasal cavity. Usually eaten with pinkish, red or sometimes white horse radish that made you so thirsty that you wanted to run to the TROUGHS, NEIGHING to drink gallons of water after you gag on the look of the snot-like mucous concoction. Sometimes bought in the supermarkets in a clear bottle with all its contents in full view, how grotesque it looked! On the table, it seemed the one sure way to make me lose my appetite. In my plate, looking back at me with its blob-like ooze, as if it were about to engulf me in what I thought looked like a gaping mouth in the mystery fish that now inhabited my current surroundings. Let’s get to the pea or lentil soup, I thought; At least they looked like they were for human consumption. But No!

Next on the menu would be that table staple, non other than chopped liver – that ode to the dead butchered chicken. The livers, usually boiled, smelled so rank and horrendous that the sweet scent of vomit was preferable! First, you put the boiled livers in a wooden chopping bowl; then you add some sulfur-smelling hard boiled eggs and fried onions; and kosher salt. Did I forget any of the ingredients you ask? Who cares? Then you grind up the liver, et-al, in such a fine mix that it takes on a paste-like appearance that I often confused with fresh, moist, mud that I collected on my shoes after a drizzling rain. Then tracking it indoors onto the cream-colored rug, i would cause one of my parents to yell in horror that I got my shoes full of mud and ruined the carpet. “Oh No!”, I would reply, “I accidentally dropped chopped liver on the floor! Do you want me to scrape it up and put it back on the plate?”

Feast on the following:

Notice the bottle: white-colored, GROUND FISH LOOKING FUZZY floating in a gelatinous goo. Then notice the picture of sweet Mrs. Adler on the right. Her head looks pretty FUZZY to me. Hmmmmm? You don’t suppose?

I can identify the balls of Gefilta fish and the carrots, but what is that dark green slimy thing floating? Can someone tell me what that is????

I don’t know what you’re thinking this is… Let’s just leave it to the imagination…