More On Karma

More on KarmaIn a previous essay, I wrote about KARMA as the law of cause and effect. In this essay, I want to explore KARMA as the energy of attraction. By attraction, I’m referring to how elements, whether they be identified as physical elements or thoughts and actions, causes and effects, can be pulled towards each other, or repelled, by their magnetic nature.

For those who have studied chemistry, the periodic table exhibits numerous physical elements defined by their atomic number and weight. Their excitability for attraction to other elements is caused by the number of electrons which are needed to complete their outer shell and attain what is known as equilibrium. Water is created when oxygen, which needs two electrons to complete its outer shell, combine with two hydrogen atoms. The inert elements, such as Krypton, Argon, and Helium, have the complete number of electrons in their outer shell. They have no need to attract, or be attracted by other elements because they are already in a state of equilibrium.

If we look at thoughts and actions, (or cause and effect), in an analogous way, they too have the quality of excitability. They can attract other thoughts and actions and have the potential for provoking an energetic reaction which motivates the impulse towards a state of equilibrium, or conversely, they can perpetuate and perhaps magnify excitability. Whether thoughts and actions (or causes and effects) are excitable in precisely the same way that physical elements are, is not known. My use of the physical elements is a way to tangibly exemplify this process.

Equilibrium is that state where all the components of a “condition” find a state of balance, no longer having excitability (attraction or repulsion), as a quality of its existence. It has found its true nature which is defined by its equilibrium.

Karma PortalKARMA can be viewed as analogous to the excitability that causes physical elements, or in this case, “thoughts, actions — causes and effects”, to combine and form completion and attain equilibrium (balance). If we initiate certain actions that are injurious to others, we are attracting energies (from those thoughts and actions) back to us through an umbilical cord of sorts. KARMA works by drawing the corresponding energies that we send out, back to us.

While we think we are sending these energies outward, what we are actually doing is providing an inlet and attracting them through this opening (cord). We may not initially be aware of what we are doing because we are not cognizant of that energy, or the power or how our own thinking creates, in this case a negative vacuum of magnetic energy. Whether we accept this or not, each thought and action we create has within its innate structure, a magnetic force (either positive or negative). Everything in its purest form has, like the atom, a series of magnetic forces that will have some level of excitability as a defining quality of its nature. Karma works through the energy we create from our thoughts and actions that we emanate and conversely attract (from outside ourselves), by the very nature, substance and quality of our thinking.

If we are aware of the power of our thoughts and their ability to effect the environment by impacting on the people surrounding us through this power, should we not take care and at least think more carefully about the quality of those thoughts and actions which will directly or indirectly reflect back on us?

Even more on KARMA at another time…