A Day for Personal Reflection

I have often thought that there should be at least one day set aside for personal reflection. Two days come to mind: my birthday and December 31st. Although birthdays are more personal and I do reflect on that day anyway, I have chosen Dec 31st to be the day more appropiate for me as my day for personal reflection. Not only do I think it is important to reflect on the year gone by but how the footnote I will be leaving behind is progressing.

It’s a time for me to be more retrospectively introspective (I just love tongue twisters, don’t you?) and consider some of the choices I have made or failed to make and my inner-motivations for those choices. Have I lived up to my potential, my self imposed expectations (at least the reasonable ones) or perhaps have I succumbed to the expectations others have placed on me? Have I fulfilled what I consider to be a productive period in my life?

In past years, I usually never really come to any firm conclusions even though I felt it important to take the time, stop, listen and reflect on whether what I have or have not done has led me in the direction I feel I should be going. It is so easy to get distracted, undisciplined, and careless if I let my focus sway or I lose my concentration when I’m doing any task I may see as important. Perhaps I’ve being too perfectionist, perhaps not. Perhaps it’s also wise to realize that in the end, I won’t be the judge of my footnote, others will be.

This year there have been a few surprises I’ve had to face. Some long-term friendships have ended, but I have made some new ones with people who I think will prove to be pivotal in my life. I have also started this blog, which I think has finally provided me with the proper and comfortable format to articulate some of the ideas I have had for years but could never quite put in written form. So for me it’s been an interesting year.

Happy New Year.