On Self-Gratification

The truth is men masturbate way too much!

It’s not that there are men walking around with hairy palms, it’s just that it creates the problem that too many men can’t cum without in the end choking their own chicken necks, till it spits.

The purpose of having sex, I presume, should be for greater intimacy with another being (and some men don’t distinguish “another being” as human – fancy that for a brief moment), but what it now becomes is simply a way of getting rid of excess nervous energy. All thoseoooooo’s and aaaaahhhhhh’s feel good, but in the end if men jerk off too much then it becomes difficult for someone else to get them to climax. Hence, sex is no longer a way to gain intimacy, but a practice that illustrates the lack of intimacy.

What or who is really doing the masturbating? It’s not the hand, but the brain, which knows all the right speeds, pressures, and spots to touch at just the right time in route to the final climactic jump off the precipice. All controlled solely by the brain of themasturbator as he negotiates his fantasy in his mind, and searches for the ultimate heat that will take him to a level more intense than any other he has experienced. But when this is achieved, it is difficult to find someone else who can reproduce the same intensity, because no one else can duplicate the same speed, or pressure that themasturbator can using his own hand. He has become so used to his own touch, that no one else can come close to it.

This may explain the continual frustration in the search for sexual energy – an exercise in creating more intimacy – which becomes the very thing that makes closer intimacy less possible. So men, stop playing with yourself. Find someone, or something else to jerk you off.