On Eye Contact

On Eye ContactDoes anyone ever notice how little eye contact is made, when walking in the street? I often wonder why that is? Perhaps there is some inner meaning that is associated with it . Eye contact, conveys more than just the color of ones eyes , or a reaction one is having . Maybe it truly is the “mirror of the soul”.
And that is why so many in americans don’t like it. They may feel its an intrusion into the inner recesses of their mind , their soul or an invasion of their privacy.

Even in conversation, its very rare to find a person who sustains eye contact while talking to someone else. Its almost as if eye contact reveals some esoteric truth that speech alone does not. Perhaps looking into someones eyes conveys an emotion, or a truth that either is consistent or not with what is being said. In either case it seems likely that for some looking into someone’s eyes is an uncomfortable expendature of energy which in some way causes a loss of control because it may convey something they do not want to convey.

Does this mean that there is a basic dishonesty at play here? If the fear is that looking into someones eyes for a sustained length of time conveys more than what they want? Its also noticeable that when not engaged in conversation, people also generally dislike eye contact. Perhaps the concern is that it conveys more intimacy than they want.

Men especially don’t like to look into each others eyes as they pass in the street or in conversation, as if there is a sexual interest associated with it that makes men feel uncomfortable. The eye contact that is made is a quick glance,
a quick look into anothers eye, then a quick look away, as if to convey a lack of interest in what they see.

Those people who do have sustained eye contact, I have noticed , are usually people who have a certain self confidence that is conveyed through their comfort at speaking while looking directly into someones eyes and who are not afraid of relating more about who they are and what they mean , as they communicate. They exude a self assuredness that translates into an almost knowledge that what they are saying is how they truly feel and they are not afraid to say it, or I might add, to look it..