Apr 06

Passing Through The Doorway: An archetype For Transformation

A doorway, for most of us, is a symbol that represents  the passage from one state to another. Some believe it to be the aperture between the subjective and the cosmic realms; others – like Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone – use it to represent an entrance to an alternate dimension. In these …

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Feb 21

Solitary (Thinking)

  Thinking is a solitary experience. Whether it is done in a crowd or on an isolated mountain top, it makes no difference. It is part of one’s interpretation of whatever their situation is, defined by self-awareness and how past memories interact with the present.     Solitary thinking is usually most effective in an …

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Jan 12

The Best Cult TV Shows Of All Time – Part 1

Defining a cult television series is more about the audience it attracts, a fanbase that grows over time created by a shows mythology rather than by its viewer ratings. These shows have in most cases come from the science fiction or fantasy genre, perhaps because they represent mirror images of our own world created with …

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Dec 26

Thinking About This And That

For too long, scientists and science fiction writers have had a monopoly on whether time travel into the past is possible. Going into the past has always been a phantasy, sometimes evoked by tragic events that could have been averted if one, knowing what happened, could go back and change events even if they never …

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Dec 07

Life Is A Test, Explained

There are four kinds of people: those that look around them and think that what they see is all that there is, those that usually see only what they want to see, and those that see nothing even if it stares them in the face. Then there a few who have the innate skills to …

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Oct 20

The Disintegration Of The Republican Party

I have lived thru the administrations of 12 presidents – born during the latter part of the Truman era, barely aware of the Eisenhower years, fully conscious during the Kennedy tenure and affected by his assassination as was the rest of the country. I have also struggled through the Johnson years, the Civil Rights movement …

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